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Lüneburg - a large city around 1600

Bildschirm 1: Übersicht, 60kB This application provides information about the development of the city, about economical, social, and cultural life within the city, and about remarkable buildings and places based on a map from 1574. Since 1994 it is part of the exhibition Lüneburg and its saltworks of the German Salt Museum, Lüneburg. There are three different views of the map (overview, full view, and zoom view for details).35 pages of information about the city as a whole belong to the overview, 73 pages of information about buildings and places to the zoom view. Each page contains the map or a zoomed part of it on the left and a text field on the right.
Bildschirm 2: Planausschnitt, 60kB All pages can be called up by selection from a hierarchical table of contents. It is possible to change between pages by buttons following sequential order (next / previous) or by hotwords (hypertext links). There are about 280 of such hyperlinks and about 80 additional hotwords which display additional information in popup boxes. In zoom view objects on the map can be clicked upon in order to display the text belonging to an object.
Bildschirm 3: Bild des Rathauses, 131kB Many pages contain buttons for the display of pictures (about 50), and some of the pictures carry buttons for tracks of sound like church bells or organs (about 10). The application is controlled by a trackball.
Bildschirm 4: Gesamtansicht, 109kB The program has been updated in spring 1999 regarding the evaluation of its use so far. The new version (see screenshots) with added functions (full text search, e.g.) shall be available on CD-ROM this year.

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