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A hypermedia presentation by the German Salt Museum.

Bildschirm 1: Menüauswahl, 17kB This application provides information about salt minerals (origin, formation, structure, appearance, occurrences etc.). It has been developed in 1994 as part of a special exhibition "Salt Minerals From All Over The World" at the German Salt Museum. The program is divided into 3 parts.
Bildschirm 2: Animation zur Kristallstruktur, 30kB Part "Salt Minerals" explains the crystal structure and crystal forms of salt minerals by animated graphics which show, e.g., the growth of crystals. A mineral gallery presents typical salt minerals by photographs and textual explanations. Part "Origin of Salt" simulates the deposition of salt and the formation of salt domes and presents an overview of salt deposits in Europe. Part "Occurrences" contains mines and quarries, salt lakes, and coastal salt works which are introduced by photographs and text.
Bildschirm 3: Mineralienschau, 138kB Each part is subdivided into 3 chapters. Each chapter contains between 2 and 48 pages with a total of 107. Each page contains a text on the right which is illustrated by a photograph, a diagram, or an animation on the left. Selection of chapters is done hierarchically in two steps. Pages can be displayed in sequential order within chapters or by following one of about 65 links which are indicated by words with a coloured background. Standard controls at the lower part of the screen allow to restart the system, to display a map of contents, to select between German and English language and to go one step up or one step back. The application is designed for control by touchscreen.
Bildschirm 4: Simulation der Entstehung von Salzlagerstätten, 18kB The program can be used in two languages (German / English), and switching between these Languages is possible at any time. In order to ease the use of the program there is an explanation of all controls and a table of contents.<

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